Planning, Transportation, and Installation Services

As a single-source supplier in the transportation, rigging, and setting of transformers, generators, turbines, vessels, tunnel boring machines, structures, and more, PSC is steadfastly committed to planning, project management, and jobsite safety.

PSC can mobilize anywhere in North America because we’ve invested in specialized equipment and a highly skilled workforce—allowing us to effectively accommodate all of your heavy lifting, hauling, and equipment installation or relocation requirements.

Backed by nearly 100 years of experience in related project planning and completion, we understand the complexities of moving power equipment. We know what questions to ask and what strategies to consider to complete each project with maximum efficiency and minimal risks.

Driven by the details, and obsessed with safety, PSC is uniquely focused on delivering your assets—no matter the size—on time, damage-free, and according to your specifications. From equipment relocations to emergency outages, PSC brings state-of-the-art gantries, cranes, strand jacks, jack & slide systems, and heavy-haul hydraulic platform trailers to the job—so you can get back to business.

Engineered Lift Plans and Designs

It’s all in the details, and a successful Engineered Lift Plan is only as good as the people behind those details. PSC’s exceptionally trained staff asks the right questions and utilizes cutting-edge systems to obtain the critical information needed to effectively design and deliver your lift plan.

Once all vital information is acquired, and all specifics are presented, PSC immediately sets to the comprehensive task of developing a safe and successful Engineered Lift Plan that best suits your requirements.